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Gustavo Kralj

Gustavo Kralj is a Toronto-based staff photographer with Gaudium Press News Agency focusing on photojournalism, art, and travel photography. Gustavo is a member of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) located in Brussels, Belgium. His work has been published in several international magazines and he is presently a contributor to agencies such as Getty Images and Alamy.

Gaudiumpress Images

Gaudiumpress Images is a passionate team of photographers and writers focused on photojournalism, travel photography and catholic stock photos.

Zephania Gangl

Zephania Gangl is a young writer from Schomberg, Ontario specializing in pilgrimages and travel destinations.
Zephania studies Human Biology and Christianity & Culture at the University of Toronto. You can reach her at

Sarah Gangl

Sarah Gangl is a young writer from Ontario, Canada specializing in pilgrimage and must-see travel destination blogs.
Sarah is a student in the Bachelor of Music program at the University of Toronto.
You can reach her at