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Gaudiumpress Images Editorial License Terms

Editorial content can be used in print or digital version:

  • Newspaper articles
  • Inside non-fiction books
  • The documentaries
  • For other purposes of interest

Editorial content cannot be used in:

  • Cover pages
  • TV and non-FAT broadcast programs like Netflix
  • Ads
  • The goods
  • Product packaging
  • Any other commercial / promotional use 

What does a GaudiumPress Images editorial license allow?

The GaudiumPress Editorial License can be used as follows:

  • One person use.
  • Individual use – it may be used for an edition of a single publication or other medium in one language only. If you need other uses, please purchase another license.
  • For non-commercial purposes.
  • In print and digital format (excluding broadcasting, cable networks, non-FAT video services, or in theaters and on publication covers, sleeves or other packaging).
  • Up to 500,000 impressions.